About UCAE

The University Council for Art Education (www.ucae.org) advocates for art, and art education, as vital forms of critical inquiry. With a view to the future, the Council is committed to being a dynamic forum for the exploration of contemporary issues faced by art educators. It provides opportunities for community building through the sponsorship of conferences, seminars, forums, workshops and grants. The UCAE supports research focusing on public policies, pedagogical practices and studio projects that value art in education and society. The Council is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1968.


  • Advocates for stringent standards in art teacher preparation
  • Serves as a forum for diverging educational approaches
  • Organizes conferences, forums, seminars, and workshops
  • Awards grants to advance exemplary research in art and art education
  • Advises members of changes in public policy and compliance requirements
  • Collaborates with other visual art groups to achieve mutual goals
  • Provides opportunities for collegial networking

Honorary Members

Rudolf Arnheim*
Laura Chapman, Ph.D.
Elliot W. Eisner, Ph.D.
Jerome Hausman, Ed.D.
F. Robert Sabol, Ph.D.
Barry Shauck, Ph.D.
Dale Schmid


Incorporation Status

UCAE was incorporated in New York State in 1968 and received 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service in 1985.


The UCAE Fund was established in 2001 to support exemplary art education. Contributions are welcome and are tax-deductible. Grants sponsored by the UCAE are provided for projects that show promise in advancing exemplary art education.